Where do we shoot?

I shoot out of Washington Heights! Inquire within for the full address!

Can I pick indoor or outdoor shots?

Let us know! We can do one or the other or both! If you’re not sure, just ask.

Will weather be a factor in our shoot? Do you shoot outdoor year round?

Good question. As far as outdoor shots go, I have shot in it all! Rain, Snow, Direct Sun, etc. Typically, outdoor shoots are better when they are above 45 degrees. Drizzle is typically fine. Anything above a drizzle and we can discuss indoor shots or rescheduling! If you are set on outdoor shots in the dead of winter...we can talk, haha! Outdoor shoots will be at the photographer's discretion!

But what do I wear?

Clothing is a huge factor in your shoot. Golden rule is at least 5 outfits. But bring whatever fits well and makes you feel great! You and our stylist will work together and come up with a killer set of looks. We can steam if it is looking wrinkled. Try your best to stay within your brand, while still giving some range. Jackets/sweaters are always fun to play with too!

Is makeup required?

The $80 makeup/stylist fee IS required for women. Our makeup artist will still be on set for the shoot to fix flyaway hairs, pick out outfits, etc. Our philosophy: You want somebody there who is entirely focused on you, so you can worry about relaxing into a great photo. The makeup artist does just that. She is your advocate. We are not a headshot factory that crams multiple people in and out.

All this being said, you CAN choose to apply your own makeup. Or part of your makeup. However, shoots go significantly better with our makeup artist who is used to knowing how things look on camera! If you aren’t sure, contact us! We can gladly get you in touch directly with makeup and work something out!

What happens after our session?

In a about a week, you will get a link to your session on a proof website! From there, you may narrow down and pick shots to be retouched. Turnaround time for 2 retouched shots is about 5-7 business days.